Signature BFF (Beauty Factory Facial)

Our Beauty Factory signature facial. This relaxing service includes a deep cleanse, mask, hot towel treatment and moisturizer to lock in all the nutrients your skin needs to maintain its healthy glow. This is all done based on your personal skin needs.

Deluxe BFF (Beauty Factory Facial)

Our signature facial on a majestic level. This relaxing service includes a deep cleanse with steam, exfoliation mask, hydrating mask, and a modality of choice (Dermaplane, LED Therapy, or High Frequency).

Glow and Go Facial (Microdermabrasion)

The perfect way to get an instant glow! This treatment uses a suction method in order to renew overall skin tone and texture. It will help to reveal the newer healthier skin below.

Bare Beauty Facial (Dermaplane)

This treatment removes the fine “vellus” hairs on the face. It is a method of exfoliation that consist of gently scarping off the top layer of dull skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. It also allows for overall better penetration of your skincare products.

Fine Tuning Facial

Focuses on Fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for mature or aging skin. Includes High Frequency treatment.

Don’t Believe “The Hype” Facial 

Addressing any hyperpigmentation concerns. Includes an enzyme mask and possible LED light therapy. Also good for those with Melasma.

All of The Lights Facial 

LED light Therapy facial. This very effective service using specific light emitting rays to address common skin concerns such as acne/breakouts (bacteria), discoloration (hyperpigmentation), fine lines/wrinkles, and the regeneration of collagen.

Teen Facial 

This relaxing introductory service gives your teen a way to learn and love taking care of their skin. It includes a deep cleanse, mask based on their personal skin needs, hot towel treatment and moisturizer to lock in all the nutrients young skin needs to continue to glow up.

King Treatment Facial (Men's Facial)

An invigorating deep cleanse and steam treatment fit for a King. Men need skin love and hydration too. Let me bring back what your hard work days strip away from your skin. This facial will balance any impurities in your skin and unclog pores.

Back Facial 

A deep cleanse and scrub/mask to detoxify the back and relieve any congestion caused sweat, sebum or debris.